A Day Of Running in the Sun

It has been a long time coming but today, today was an amazing day. My day started out at 1:30 am with the arrival of my youngest son and dogs. I have been waiting for my son to arrive for a few weeks but there were things taking place in Louisiana that did not allow […]

Shadow Is Coming

Shadow & Cecil

Two months ago, I packed three pairs of jeans, three shirts, one laptop and headed to the airport in New Orleans. I bought a ticket and flew to Austin, Texas and from there, I picked up a white Ford Raptor that was left in the parking lot for me. That was the start of an […]

4 Legged Furry Friends

Our four legged friends make The Garden Gates a little more exciting everyday. Let me introduce our friends. Cecil – The Rhodesian Ridgeback is my oldest son’s Aiden Everett Harris‘ dog that was his college buddy and now is Shadow’s fulltime playmate. Shadow- American Staffordshire Terrier is our rescue that Ashton Kendall Harris found one […]