Chad Harris Metairie

Chad Harris has been part of the Metairie community since 1986 when he and his mother Judy Harris moved from Birmingham, Michigan to the old Metairie neighborhood of De Limon Place. Shortly after living in Old Metairie for a few months, they moved to the quiet neighborhood of Lakeview in New Orleans. Today, Chad Harris […]

My Entrepreneurial Drive

1998- The landscape business was not doing well.  I was unable to pay myself for nearly 6 months. During that time I decided that I needed something else to focus on- It was making myself crazy.  I began training for the Ironman Triathlon in Montreal, Canada. I had been there before,(1994) in the closing miles […]

Divine Footstool by Cane-Line

Divine Footstool by Cane-Line

The divine footstool is a hand-made product with a unique fabric in selected polypropylene suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The covering fabric is created by crochet technique. Crochet is performed by one crochet hook and takes one person many days of concentrated work. The pattern on top of the Divine footstool is an […]