Chad Everett Harris

Leader & Innovator

Builder of North America's Largest Bitcoin Mining Facility

Chad and his team built the largest Bitcoin Mining Facility in North America measured by metered capacity. In 183 days, the first 300 MW was deployed on June 3, 2020, and  executing on a 400MW expansion beginning in July 2021.

Chad Everett Harris, CCO Riot Blockchain, INC

You want to accomplish huge goals, you have to develop a plan, consider how it affects the community around you and work relentlessly on execution.

Hi, I’m Chad Everett Harris

Entrepreneurs are driven to solve problems. So I don’t interpret problems as barriers but as motivational challenges to execute long-term goals. This mindset creates an appetite for concise planning to manage world-class products or services. 

CEO, Leader

People come first. When you lead others, you must have their goals at heart first. My son taught me this while we were building Whinstone US and it’s been the most important element to leadership. 

Entrepreneur, Builder

Building a strong business is my passion. I’ve enjoyed success and failure in many areas but you should never stop building and growing.

Futurist, Strategist

I pick a space that I believe has potential and then find ways to rally a team around that. This requires a strategic approach in the areas of planning, marketing and building a knowledgeable team.

My story

Chad is a leader in the Bitcoin Mining industry Built Whinstone US, INC. He drives growth that the Bitcoin space has never seen before by Securing the  Bitcoin Network’s hashrate.


Chad’s career boasts the completion of a variety of large and noteworthy projects from New Orleans to the massive Whinstone Data Center in Rockdale texas. He believes when you want to accomplish huge goals, you have to develop a plan, consider how it affects the community around you and work relentlessly to meet your goals.

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