Chad Everett Harris

About Chad

Childhood and Early Life

Chad Everett Harris realized his passion for entrepreneurship very early on in his childhood. Born in Palos Verdes, California in 1969, he spent much of his young life moving between cities across the US. In his early years alone, he spent considerable time in Georgia, Michigan, and Louisiana.

With no single, static place to set down their roots, many children would have struggled to find their footing or break out of their shell—but Chad took these constant transitions in stride. With time, he found they sharpened his ability to adapt, helped him develop a sense of independence, and bolstered his confidence and drive.

This confidence and independence are ultimately what revealed Chad’s life dreams to him and fueled him towards entrepreneurship. Even before he reached his teenage years, he understood his skills and knew deep down that he was destined to pursue business and someday become a successful businessman.

The Early Days of Entrepreneurship

While other children were watching TV and playing games, it was entrepreneurial ventures that interested Chad Everett Harris most—even very early on in life. Like many young children, he began his relationship with entrepreneurship through a small lemonade stand. But while most other kids lose interest, he was hooked. Even as a child, he found himself highly engaged by entrepreneurship and irresistibly invested in improving and developing his own ideas to yield larger returns.

Growing up, he brainstormed ways to make money in order to help his mother pay the bills. In 1983, he opened his very first business—a modest lawn mowing venture in Birmingham, Michigan. What had started as a small hobby was slowly evolving into a promising and profitable pursuit.

As merely a young teenager, Chad was already coming to understand the principles of business and the foundations of how to successfully build a company. Looking back, these formative years were the first true signs of Chad’s soon-to-be success in the industry as a serial entrepreneur.

The Green Industry

Greenthumb days, Chad has come a long way from mowing neighborhood lawns for pocket change. His professional portfolio is robust and sizeable, featuring successful projects of notable scale such as the Audubon Park Golf Course, the New Orleans Sculpture Garden, and the Longue Vue House & Garden Discovery Garden.

He attributes his own success largely to his hard work, drive for achievement, and eye for details. Chad believes that landscaping ventures of all kinds are detail-oriented projects—being able to notice and appreciate the little things is an essential element in facilitating a project that is satisfactory beyond expectations.

looking forward to the future

In 2019,  Chad Everett Harris packed his essential belongings, called an Uber to the airport, and relocated to Rockdale, Texas to embark on his next big entrepreneurial venture News. The move, which required that he start over again from scratch, would have been daunting for most—but he welcomed the change as a challenge and adventure.

In Rockdale, he’s thrilled to be assisting in the construction of the world’s largest data center, a 100-acre facility that operates high-speed computer servers used for AI, video rendering, and other cutting-edge tech services.

Today, Chad Everett Harris is the CEO of Whinstone US, a subsidiary wholly owned by Riot Blockchain. Chad led the team that built North America’s Largest Bitcoin Mining Facility.   

Giving Back

Given the humble beginnings of his early days contrasted with his profitable success more than 30 years later, Chad is now actively seeking ways to give back to the surrounding community by empowering other young individuals. Alongside his current business ventures, he is also seeking new and innovative ways to support young business enthusiasts by encouraging them to follow their dreams..