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3T Exploro Bike Review – 6 Things I like

My 3T Exploro Bike Review offers a comparisons of my favorite bikes from the early 1980’s to today. The simple truth, The 3T Exploro is A Beast!

Chad Everett Harris, 3T Exploro Bike Review
3T Explore with Sram Powermeter 1x 46 with 51-10 cassette

My Favorite Bikes I’ve Ridden Compared to the 3T Exploro

I have ridden a lot of different bicycles over the years.  Here is a list of my favorites, and one that I just can not stand.

I loved the Yamaguchi back with steel was cool. My favorite was the Pinarello Prince, mostly because of the clean lines.  The worst was the Otis Guy- a total disaster.  The fastest was the Teschner track bike but that is because it had one speed- fast. 

As for gravel bikes I have ridden 3 in the last 18 months.  I started on the Giant Revolt then moved to the Giant Revolt Advance Pro then to the Factor ( I like the music in the ad on Instagram ) and now the 3T ( I like the video on their home page) 

The Giants were nice, I was searching from something different I guess which led me to the Factor.  I like the Factor, I absolutely hate the stem/bar system.  Because of the narrow setup and the awkward stem/bar combo, I bought 3T – again because I liked the video.  No real reason.  I hate the color of the bike but still bought it.  

It took sometime to get the bike build because I basically had to buy 58cm available then get the parts I wanted.  

My first ride was this morning.  I did a few things prior to riding.  I pulled up my old bike fit that I had done in Boulder, Colorado in 2008 using the Retul setup with Todd Craver. I knew this would get my fit on the 3T Exploro just right. I had this bike built by Bike Barn in College Station and I was shocked right from the first pedal stroke.  This bike shoot down the road like an arrow.  I looked down after about 5 minutes and couldn’t believe the speed or power numbers.  I stopped on the side of the road and double check the speed sensor to make sure the calibration was set to 700cx37-42mm two different times during the ride. I literally pulled out my phone, went to the Wahoo Elements app and checked the tire dimension, then went to my Wahoo Roam computer, deleted the speed sensor and reconnected.

6 Things I like about the 3T Exploro Bike

  • Unidirectional pre-preg carbon, High-modulus/high-strength performance blend layup
  • Apto Stealth Stem in 100mm
  • This Seat Post Rocks – 3T Charlie Sqaero Team w/ Ritchey WCS Clamp
  • Rear Wheel Cutout
  • Responsiveness to Acceleration
  • Its a Road Bike That Kills in it in Gravel

Things I don’t like about the 3T Exploro Bike

  • The Carbon Water Bottle Cages Don’t Hold Bottle on Texas Gravel Roads – A Disaster
  • 3T Superergo PRO handlebars – I need to change these, I like a drop that has a flat( I like to rest my shoulders )
Chad Everett Harris Factor Vista Allroad Gravel Bike
Factor Vista Allroad

My 3T Exploro Bike Review is simple. This is a better fit for me and the Factor is not a bad bike, its just not the right bike for me. Other articles about fitness and cycling you might find interesting.