Chad Everett Harris

Throwback Thursday Marketing
Small Business Saturday Marketing Idea

Turning the years back to the fall of 2013, I ( Chad Harris from The Garden Gates ) was mad as hell that day. American Express announced their new campaign, Small Business Saturday. I was fuming. I just couldn’t understand why Amex would promote small businesses just for one day of the year. So, I decided to do something about it.

Step One – Rallied the Troops on the fly and line them up with no warning and rolled the film-

We launched this on Facebook and the promotion reach 1 million views- was it viral, well in 2013, 1 million views really meant something.

For the next few months, when I walked into my local favorite place in New Orleans, ” I was that guy.. the one you couldn’t make go away on Facebook.”

It’s all about marketing, whatever your passion is, own it- Chad