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Riot Blockchains 700 MW Bitcoin Mining Facility
The Value of Riot Blockchain in Rural America

The Value of Riot Blockchain in Rural America: So, if you can imagine, I just made my way back from Austin. You know, I’m not here all day, every day. There’s sometimes I have to go out and do things to show the value that riot blockchain brings rural America. And today was one of those days. But now I wanna take into building G. I want you to show you what’s truly important about this company.

Riot Blockchains People Are the Value

So today I thought I would talk to something that’s probably more important than anything we do. It’s the value our company brings to rural Texas. And I think it’s critical that we explain it in a way maybe that it finally connects the dots for some of you. So we’re gonna walk around in building G, which is our last 200 megawats of immersion that actually we have machines running in here right now, and I thought it would be important for you to kind of understand the value of job creation, economic impact, and the value that we have for our community. So come on, take a walk with me. I’ve run around this place for the last three years, actually 20 and a half months. And you always see me like in a Windstone shirt or a riot shirt, but today I’m in a suit and I thought it was fitting that I would talk to you about the value this company has, as you can see right around me for about 11 team members that are working on bringing on our next series of Bitcoin mining here and building G we’re working on electrical, we’re working on networking, they’re onboarding machines, they’re getting machines plugged in and prepped and ready to go live to support their Bitcoin network.

The Value of our People is the Key to Our Success

But what’s more important than that. It’s job creation. And so here, I’m in a small section and you can see 11 team members standing here working in harmony as one to create a product that brings value to their community and to their home and to their family. And I think it’s really important for you actually to see that Bitcoin is about people. That’s it, it’s about people and it’s critical that you connect people, community and actual jobs in what we do every day here at Riot Blockchain.

Riot Blockchain’s Team Members are the Value

Today I’m, as I’m standing in this suit, you wonder why, why I want to talk about this particular topic of the value of our company and rural America. It’s because I was downtown and I was discussing the value of Bitcoin mining in Texas and why it’s important for us to support the grid. All those things are really great. It’s why we do this, but what’s more important than that. It’s the job creation, the economic impact and literally transforming small communities that make my job the best job there is. I’m I’m every day I come here and I’m ecstatic to be at work to watch people work hand in hand, side by side, building this great company and team members from Austin, Denver, California, working as one in each one of our departments and specialties to make sure that we’re delivering the best product for our company and our shareholders. And it’s critical to understand our company is the gold standard in Bitcoin mining, riot, blockchain, as always coming live from Rockdale, Texas riot blockchain’s Whinstone Data Center. I’m Chad Everett Harris. And thank you for watching.

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