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Story Telling : Rockdale, Texas

Story Telling is an effective tool to build a brand that captures an audience attention. Over the last three years, I have used story telling to communicate the value a Bitcoin miner brings to communities. Here is an example of my style and you can learn about other style of story telling here.

[It’s All Coming Together]

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√ Buildings
√ Network
√ Fiber
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√ Miners
√ One Helluva Year

1. Riot Blockchain, Inc.‘s Rockdale facility is North America’s largest Bitcoin mining facility. 
2. Construction began in January 2020 and created hundreds of direct and indirect jobs in Milam County. 
3. Team Riot continues to support the citizens and communities where we work and live. 
4. Team members can continue their education to support personal growth. 
5. It takes every single team member to accomplish our goals. 
6. I could not be more proud of what has been accomplished. 

Remember: It all started with one miner, just like everyone else.

Use Video Transcripts for Story Telling

So 12 days ago, I made a video about wanting to drive the concrete Zamboni of that’s name for it. And let me show you what they’ve done in 12 days. So 12 days later, I’m standing on a slab. About half of the half of the slab is done. You can see back there, they’re getting ready to form the remainder of it, get the rebar in it and pour that. But we got a building going up. And this isn’t a little building. I mean, this building, this building’s gonna be awesome and huge. And this is our inventory building. But let’s go take a look at our lay down yard for one second, because I think you’re gonna see something a lot different. So over, over the last year and a half, you’ve looked at overhead videos. You’ve, I’ve talked about the four inch conduit when we bought all the four inch conduit in the United States at one point, and the massive transformers, we had, uh, two and a half megawatt transformers covered this area.

Look just about everything’s gone. Why? Because those buildings right over there, right over there are just about finished. But let’s go take a look inside a D because I’ve been talking about it a lot. And I hear, I hear, and you know what, let me just go show you. But before we walk in, d there’s a couple other things. So you notice right, right back there, yeah, that building went up. I don’t know, we, we poured some concrete, put that building up in just a few days. That’s one of our shop buildings, um, for our crew that works around the facility, but also building X, which when we finally get it ready is gonna be an employee center. We we’re, we’re, we’re making it bigger right here, we’re adding to it. But let’s go. Like I said, let’s go into D and see what’s really going on.

You know, so as I walk in d there’s something very, very interesting going on in here. Now, I just walked through the north end of the building. I’ve showed you videos where I’ve pointed and said, Hey, we we’re almost there. We’re almost there. I’m gonna show you something in a second that literally, oh, just hold up, hold up. Oh, we’re not almost there. We’re there. Let’s go. Take a look inside. So this is the last 10 megawatts that’s gonna be turned on. And, and all the miners are on one side. We’re getting ready to put the miners on the other side. They’re actually staged. There’s a couple guys here this morning right over there that are stacking those machines up. Like there’s nobody, nobody’s business. But here’s the crazy part. Look all the way down there. 1050 feet. That is a work of art. I’m gonna pump the brakes

For for a second here on D, and let’s go over an E and see what’s going on there. So inside a building E, that’s the middle of the building, right? So middle of the building, 525 feet from the south end. And as we walk up there, as we walk up, you’re gonna notice that quickly, this building’s coming together. As you can see, the shelvings getting in place, the electrical’s getting finished. There are 30 megawatts of miners installed, switch gear networking. And the only thing we’re missing are the Deming walls. But if you look right there down at the end, right there, the first dem wall is going in. We have two weeks left in the year, I think, I think. No, I know, I know. Team Riot collectively working as one. Hr, accounting, legal administration, epc, every single one of US Security, our vendor partners are contractors. Every one of us working has one with one goal, with one outline, with one direction. I think we’re gonna turn on an impressive amount of Bitcoin mining in the month of December. But you’re gonna have to check back to see. But my money’s on Team Riot. My name’s Chad Harris, riots Rockdale facility right here in the great state of Texas. And thank you for watching.

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