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Screaming to 50

Today, I start my six month adventure to 50. See my birthday is coming up in November and I told myself long ago that when I reach 50, I had to start taking things serious. Well, those days are coming like a run away freight train.

Chad Everett Harris
Remembering those 20’s,

I have decided it’s time for a bucket list. The issue, I have never been a person that has gone without something I wanted. The problem, I wanted a lot of things that I truly did not need. I have also come to realize that with maturity comes sensibility. When I was in my twenties, I wanted to accomplish everything I could, in my thirties, I wanted to leverage my accomplishments. In my forties, I wanted to fix all of the things I completely screwed up and now, as I head to my fifties, I want to accomplish difficult things and I just might fail. Best part, I am ok with all of it.


  • Had Children
  • Started Business at 11
  • Did an Ironman
  • Ran a Marathon
  • Raised Children
  • Started Business with My Son
  • Traveled
  • Got Fat
  • Got Skinny
  • Got Medium
  • Encourage Entrepenuership to others
  • Had a Convertible
  • Raced Ferraris w/ my Wife
  • Learned to Manage Disaster
  • Learned to Manage Failure
  • Learned to Manage Success
  • Rescued a Rescue
  • Let the Rescue in turn Rescue Me
  • Experienced my sons paying off their college debt
  • Experienced the value of Education
  • Learned the true value of friendship

I have always said, “On my worst possible day and I have had some devastating ones, I am better off than most.” My mother ingrained the value of work ethic, my relentless pursuit of success does not allow me to give in to defeat, and I learned that most things work themselves out in forty eight hours.

The Start of my Bucket List

  1. ….. I have no idea where or what to start with –