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Chad Everett Harris
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Riot’s Mining and Building in Rockdale, Texas

Over the last year probably longer than that, but over the last year, I’ve been consistent using the same, similar phrase. The sum of the parts are greater as one in, in this first week of January is an example of that. I started off in Corsicana on Monday, January 2nd, and, and I talked about being blown away about the amount of work that that team is doing there. And then I made my way to Rockdale and I was blown away when I got here because what I see on a regular reoccurring basis

Across our teams, doesn’t matter if it’s the accounting department, it doesn’t matter if it’s hr, doesn’t matter if it’s legal, doesn’t matter if it’s the corporate development side, doesn’t matter if it’s engineering, doesn’t matter if it’s operations, doesn’t matter if it’s inventory security, doesn’t matter what part. Collectively, these teams work together like a well oiled machine. But before we get into it, I wanna make sure that you head on over to riot’s, YouTube channel and get the updates that Gabe has been producing. There’s an incredible video he shot this week that I think goes up. It’ll go up this coming week that his drone skills are off the hook. So make sure you head on over there. And also, if you’re not a subscriber to both my YouTube channel and or riots, YouTube channel, make sure you hit the subscribe, like and share button. We do appreciate it. So let’s go take a look at some of the things that were accomplished this week in

Rockdale. You know, a few weeks ago I talked about the concrete Zambonis that I wanted to learn to drive here in Rockdale as they built the inventory building. Well, today they’re back at it. There’s concrete going in, the pump truck is here, and we are about to finish the slab for that building. And of course, like always that slab is finished. As you can see, the building is about 30% up and they’re continuing moving on. But one of the other things I talked about was our lay down yard. And I would hate, I’m saying that, oh, this whole place used to be full of stuff. Well, now it’s turning into our new office, and that’s done too. We’ve created so many jobs here in Rockdale that we keep running outta space and places to put people. And so now we have this new, I think it’s a 12 or 13 complex office where everybody’s gonna be in the same spot.

So we can increase efficiency and opportunity and able to work with one another to solve problems. But let’s go take a look at what’s going on in building E. Before I talk more about building E, I want to talk to you about some of the other components about building the facility while mining, while trying to deploy as fast as possible. So as you can see here, this is building D and you can see C, B, A all the way as it goes up in that direction. That is the gonna be the employee center. And I talked about two weeks ago about how we’re expanding the employee center here. We’re finally now getting roads in. That’ll go keep us out of the dirt and we’ll start getting rid of this mud. Also in the background there, you can finally see we’re finished with the famous amphitheater.

But even, even more importantly, if you see right there, that chain link fence, we had a team build a chain link fence here in Rockdale, our own team members. And it literally, I, I think it’s a mile long and it goes all the way around the property. Also, a lot of other things like here’s our underground water storage tanks. We have on the sides of the building, f and g, and also we’re finishing up here, and that’s one of the new buildings I talked that we built. Very similar, the building that we’re building on the other side, which is the inventory building. This is a shop building for more construction related work. And you can see we’ve got storage containers here that they’re using while they get this one ready. Well, let’s head into E. So as we walk into e I’m about, so you gotta remember, these buildings are 1,050 feet long and they’re 60 feet wide.

You can hear in the distance. D is humming away mining. But let’s go to the, let’s go to the first set of racks that are installed. So again, there’s the north end, and where I’m standing right now is about 250 feet into the building. Remember, 1,050 feet long. I’m at two 50. We’re walking towards a network room, which is in the center, but you can see right here, they’re getting really close. Those are minors staged for the next section. But let’s walk up there and go see what’s going on, right? So this is the halfway point, and as I walk up, you can see here, this is all getting prepared and ready. Now, we already deployed 30 megawatts of machines in this building as part of our December push to deploy 16,128 machines in 30 days, which was 70 megawatts. Of course, we accomplished that and we could have actually done more, but we had that little thing like the holidays get in the middle of it.

But this team is again, right on track to start deploying more again. They already have, I can see right now they have the next 10 megawatts ready to go and they’re getting this section right here ready to go. So we’ll have additional 30 megawatts go on here shortly and then we’ll keep working down this building. You know, as I make these videos, a lot of people think, you know, or, or it appears that this is easy. This is probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I’m I, as I talk to team members across the company, doesn’t matter what office they’re in, they all say the same thing. And this is harder than anything they’ve done because there’s so many parts to this and what it takes, again, you know, I always talk about, you know, the sum of the parts are greater as one. It takes everybody consistently, every single day focused on one goal, staying consistent, day in, day out, understanding, reminding themselves, reminding themselves, Hey, we have to accomplish this. We have to accomplish this. We have to stay focused. We have to keep each other on track, and we have to remind ourselves that we actually have to consistently work together to make this accomplishment. With only 51 more weeks in a year, I am sure this is gonna be a year to remember for our team here at Riot and all the things that go on, my name’s Chad Harris, bringing you an update from Riot’s Rockdale facility and also Cor Iana. And thank you for watching.