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Plugging in Your Mojo with Soul

The question is how do you covert all this work from the past year to create actually profit in the business for years to come? Do I really need to do all these things to compete in the green industry? The Short answer- yes.

The more complicated answer begins here.

Whether you sell petunias or whip up amazing landscapes, technology is the best tool in your shed. We have talked about using your imagination with marketing, going virtual with social media and building an online “ virtual potting shed”. Then we examined branding your business or lets just say, “ Getting your Mojo Back” and by now you should have either learned or thought about the importance of all these things.

The real question is, how do I manage my virtual world because in the real world the only thing that counts is money the bank. Managing the day to day of any business is tough and takes time and now I have to manage a virtual one too.

  • Branding- a continuous effort to create brand awareness can be done through all platforms. Branding is everything from business cards, apparel, vehicle branding and just about anything that has your name on it. Everyday you need to examine your brand and make sure its up current with the ever changing market. Company Logo refreshes are great ways to keep things current and freshlooking.
  • Social- pick your platform and spend a little time everyday communicating with your customers, friends and potential customers. Often the time you take to engage with people in a social environment is for the future not for the immediateresults.
  • Website- you built your first site. Are you updating it? Does it have current photoʼs that are relevant to the topics and or category. Consider updating the informationon a regular basis. Add a blog component that features projects, store specials and news.
  • Customer Interaction- now that you have built multiple channels for customer interaction, use them to engage customer and loyalty.Show them why you are the expert in your field and why they should do business with yourcompany.

Now that the question has been answer, how do I turn this into profit? Am I targeting the right customer? Do I need to worry about discounting my product or service?

Profit- are you creating a value to your customer, employees and your company, if you are, then the profits will fall right in line.

Targeting- are you analyzing your ideal customer that drives your revenue rather than chasing unpromising dreams. Understanding the right customer for your company will drive endless business everyday.

Never Sell a Sale- we are not in the business of selling a sale. Selling a quality product or service will never require a sale. Yet understanding that sometimes you have to put things on sale to move goods or services that donʼt “ fly off the shelf”

Running a business today is about using new tools and technologies to build a better business for the future. Taking the opportunity to learn new skills and explore how they can improve your business should be the most important part of Plugging in Your Mojo with Soul.