Meet Marshmallow & S’more

What happens when four guys from the city move to the county, they end up with Donkeys. Two months ago I left for Texas to work on a project in Rockdale. This adventure has not let me down yet with the introduction of our newest friends, Marshmallow & S’more. I met these donkeys when our group was looking for a place to live. I found them interesting and took a picture. Then we needed up moving into the farmhouse and learned that that the owners were going to put the donkeys down if someone didn’t adopt them. I asked their names and realized that I was about to become responsible for donkeys the minute I learned they were going to be killed.

I don’t have a clue about taking care of a donkey or living in the country. I do know that we have a mountain lion cruising the property, bobcats, ducks in the pond, and other animals that are just hanging out. I actually went and read a Donkey 101 guide to learn that they need to eat in small quantities often and to speak to them softly so they can process the information.

So, the adventure begins to convince these donkeys to be our friends. Check back for updates.

Bring In The Holiday Cheer

Over the last 15 years, the Christmas Holiday Season has been more of a battle of survival rather than a time to make family memories. Our family has been in the Christmas Tree and Holiday Retail business since 1999.

I feel like anyone that has spent that kinda time in retail should have a Retail Metal of Honor. Working retail during the holidays is difficult, and if your entire family works retail, it can make you considering canceling Christmas.

Chad Everett Harris Toy Donation on Rockdale, Texas

Fast forward to December 21, 2019. The only remaining retail pro is my wife, Beth Kendall Harris. She owns and operated Relish located at 600 Metairie Road in Metairie, Louisiana. Aiden Everett Harris works for PWC and Ashton Kendall Harris is working on his startup, Whinstone US. I am happy and sad to say that I am no longer the Christmas Tree Guy in New Orleans but I also miss it.

Today, Lyle Theriot and I headed to the toy department at Walmart in Rockdale, Texas because one of our favorite places to eat and new friend Brett from, Brett’s Bar-B-Que was having a toy drive today. Lyle & I planned on attending but we have a last-minute business meeting to attend in Austin, Texas. We had a blast shopping for Christmas presents for children ages 3 to 10 years old. As we typically do, Lyle & I went a little over the top. I love to say, it’s our personality and we really need adult supervision.

Chad Everett Harris at Brett's Bar-B-Que
Brisket Burger at Brett’s in Rockdale

Today was another great day in Rockdale even though we are away from our families, the Rockdale Community has gone out of their way to make use feel welcome. Until tomorrow when our adventure continues.

Getting Ready to Wreck It

The days of the revolution are coming to our global communities and this day comes once a year, I call it the ” Revolutionary Day” or January 1st. I have to admit, this year I need to make some changes.

Over the last two years, I have been working on a project with some friends. Collectively, we have all pushed ourselves to the edge and not taken a lot of time for ourselves. To make sure we could continue our operations, I slept on a couch at our office for 17 months and have only been to my house 2 or 3 times in the last six months. Some call it crazy but I have to remain 100% committed to a project of I will become distracted. I am easily distracted but when I remain laser focused, I am one hell of an executor.

October 28, 2019, I took an Uber to Louis Armstrong Airport in New Orleans at 4 am to catch the 5 am a one-way flight to Austin, Texas. There was a white Ford Raptor that waiting for me in the overnight parking lot. That is when it hit me, we really did it. What did we actually do? We are developing a 100-acre data center in Rockdale, Texas.

So, back to the story… I get sidetracked all the time. I am getting ready to wreck it. Lyle, David, and I have been living together in a one-bedroom apartment and working on a Jobsite with no power or water. We are also working 12-14 hours a day leaving very little time for taking care of ourselves. Lately, I have chosen cooking over heading to the gym because the opportunity to eat healthier is better than working out.

Chad Everett Harris aka Chad E. Harris cooking
Baked Chicken with Sweet Potatoes & Broccoli

What is also a hard adjustment is the office located in Metairie, Louisiana has a 12,000 functional fitness gym right past the office doors. I didn’t realize how easy it was to workout, I literally just needed to open the door and I was ready. In Rockdale, I have to hop in the truck, drive to Snap Fitness, and make some type of goofy workout using machines and the Stairmaster machine. That just doesn’t do it for me. So today, we ordered bumper plates from Rogue. Lyle, David, and I now have 800+ lbs of weights that we can start throwing around to get back a level of fitness.

Chad E. Harris, Rogue Bumper Plates

In the next few days, we will get back to the trademarked training, Extreme Death by Chad. I can not wait.

Shadow Is Coming

Two months ago, I packed three pairs of jeans, three shirts, one laptop and headed to the airport in New Orleans. I bought a ticket and flew to Austin, Texas and from there, I picked up a white Ford Raptor that was left in the parking lot for me. That was the start of an adventure that a group of 5 friends have been working on for the last year. The last 365 days have been nothing less than the most exciting time in my life but it has also been the most difficult too. People ask me all the time, ” So, what are you doing in Texas, the easy answer is[ building the largest high speed data processing facility in the world. ]” more to come later.

Chad E. Harris' dog Shadow
The day before I left New Orleans, Shadow. Cecil PhotoBombing Us

Let’s talk about what is really important here, Shadow is coming and I owe my success to Shadow saving my life. Five years ago, things became very difficult in business and tough decision were made. This caused a series of unfortunate events in business that made things financially difficult. In the most difficult time in my career, my son found Shadow wandering in our neighborhood. Little did I know that Shadow would force me to look at life differently. Over the last 30 years, I have spent a lot of time working. I enjoy it. I enjoy accomplishing things. I enjoy executing task. The problem, I forget to stop and take a moment for myself.

Shadow and I have spent everyday together for the last three years. We’ve run a few hundreds of miles, had morning coffee, shared donuts, and just about everything else you can imagine. Shadow forces me to stop and play with him, no matter what I have going on. He is persistent as hell too. I realized that all he was doing was forcing me to take a break for a moment and realize that life is passing before my eyes.

Chad Everett Harris and his Dog Shadow

I am very excited for Shadow to come to Texas, it’s like a kid waiting for Christmas to arrive. Ok, Shadow, George, and Cecil are coming.

Ribeye’s & Tow Straps

Today started with a few hours working on our Raptor Adventure Course in Rockdale, Texas in the bobcat. Taking the time to connect all the hills and jumps take a bit of organization. The real issue, as you can see in the picture below, building a new course requires you to remember where the course actually goes. I was flying around a corner and forgot to turn right. This ended up putting me into the sand mound with 7 foot drop off on the other side. I decided to make the save rather than flip the truck over.

Chad Everett Harris

After my morning of digging and getting stuck, it was time for lunch. In Rockdale, there is a limit on the places to grab lunch during the week but come Thursday to Sunday, the best meal comes from Brett’s BBQ. I have come to learn to follow his Instagram post for the weeks specials, and today was a whooper. Brett’s had a Smoked Ribeye that was amazing. I have never had anything like it. I was chatting with Brett and he explained that he cold smoked the ribeye then seared it on the grill at 600 degrees.

Brett’s BBQ Smoked Ribeye

Beth Kendall Harris Custom Ornaments

Beth Kendall Harris founder of Relish located on Metairie, LA designed a custom holiday series to celebrate the New Orleans Culture. Beth Harris has been in the retail industry for over 30 years and owned a business along Metairie Road.

Beth Kendall Harris' New Orleans Skyline Ornament

Celebrate New Orleans this year with our exclusive New Orleans Ornament collection. Each ornament is hand stitched using a combination of fabrics, beadwork and metal thread work with is a technique that can be traced back 2,000 years.

  • Each Ornament Sold Separately
  • Designed by Beth Harris
  • Metal Thread Embroidery
  • Exclusively Relish Brand


  • City Scape | 5.25″ x 3.25″

Produced exclusively forĀ  Relish by a collectible ornament company to mark New Orleans. Limited Edition. Order Today.

Beth Kendall Harris' New Orleans Flag Ornament

Celebrate New Orleans this year with our exclusive New OrleansĀ Ornament collection. Each ornament is hand stitched using a combination of fabrics, beadwork and metal thread work with is a technique that can be traced back 2,000 years.thread work with is a technique that can be traced back 2,000 years.

  • Each Ornament Sold Separately
  • Designed by Beth Harris
  • Metal Thread Embroidery
  • Exclusively Relish Brand


  • Flag | 5.25″ x 3.25″

Produced exclusively for  Relish by a collectible ornament company to mark New Orleans. Limited Edition. Order Today

The Best Taco

Chad Everett Harris is a foodie at heart. Most evening Chad E. Harris can be found preparing an out of the ordinary dinner but he also loves a good taco. Brett’s BBQ in Rockdale, Texas make some legendary tacos that will make you dream of the perfect Taco Tuesday.

Chad Everett Harris,  Loves A Good Taco

I started cooking at a every young age our of self defense, well that what I call it. I was home alone a lot when I was younger and I would study that Betty Crocker Cookbook on the shelf. My mother use to tell the story about how I bake the most beautiful bread that looked similar to banana nut bread. The only issue, I didn’t know the difference between baking soda and baking powder. She later nicknamed it ” pretzel bread ” and it was pretty horrible.

As I have gotten older, I find cooking to be very relaxing. I enjoy experimenting with different seasonings and different textures. What I find more enjoyable is cooking for others. To watch the reaction of friends and family as they taste each meals is priceless. The only real issue I have encountered, I have a difficult time eating out.

Ride Along

Taking a Ride Along with Chad E. Harris is like being in a car chase. When I think of Ride Along, I think of one of those 1990’s movies of the good cop/bad cop. Not sure why, maybe there is a movie title with the same name. In my version of a ride along, not many people are willing to jump in the passenger seat. I have had several people jump of the the truck, I had one grown man cry like a baby- and I wasn’t even going that fast.

Chad Everett Harris, New Orleans

See, I recognize that I have a problem. I am not afraid of many things and driving fast off road is something that I feel very comfortable doing. I do have a all or nothing attitude which does not always help in these situations.

I spend a lot of time working and currently I am working in a small town. I have loved the experience so far, and I have become use to the small town leaving New Orleans. I will admit it was a bit of a culture shock at first but as the weeks have gone by, I have enjoyed meeting new people, and I tend to keep myself busy.

As my Ford Raptor Adventures continue, I will keep making my ride along videos and uploading them for other to enjoy. While I am not Ken Block, I am own Crazy Chad Everett Harris.

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Rockdale Saturdays

I have a lot of time on my hands while I work on a project in Rockdale, Texas. Some of you may ask the question, where is Rockdale? I did too. Rockdale is about 60 miles east of Austin, Texas. It is a small town with about 5500 people that live here. Some have asked, Why Rockdale? Rockdale is the home to the Sandow Switch which is one of the largest electrical transmission interconnections points. This happens to be directly across the street from our project that we are building. Ok, back to story.

Chad E. Harris, 7925 Plum Street New Orleans LA 70118

On Saturdays, I am waiting on different contractors to make deliveries, finish things up, or just little tasks that need completing. The property that we are working on is 100 acres. What else can you do with a property of this size? Do ask a guy that spent 30 years in the landscape industry because I can do wonders with a skid steer loader. See, I spent a lot of time over the years when I owned Oasis Horticultural Service and The Garden Gates working on large scale landscape projects. I worked on parks, golf courses, industrial sites, and residential homes the Southern Louisiana.

These days, I use my years of experience to help push project development at record paces and the unwillingness to allow anything less. This also means I have to be onsite basically around the clock leaving me with a lot of ” waiting time.” So, I starting building an offload Ford Raptor Adventure Course and I have been documenting it using my drone.

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