Chad Everett Harris

Meet Marshmallow & S’more

What happens when four guys from the city move to the county, they end up with Donkeys. Two months ago I left for Texas to work on a project in Rockdale. This adventure has not let me down yet with the introduction of our newest friends, Marshmallow & S’more. I met these donkeys when our group was looking for a place to live. I found them interesting and took a picture. Then we needed up moving into the farmhouse and learned that that the owners were going to put the donkeys down if someone didn’t adopt them. I asked their names and realized that I was about to become responsible for donkeys the minute I learned they were going to be killed.

I don’t have a clue about taking care of a donkey or living in the country. I do know that we have a mountain lion cruising the property, bobcats, ducks in the pond, and other animals that are just hanging out. I actually went and read a Donkey 101 guide to learn that they need to eat in small quantities often and to speak to them softly so they can process the information.

So, the adventure begins to convince these donkeys to be our friends. Check back for updates.