Chad Everett Harris

Chad Everett Harris
Experimental – Change Everything

Today is a great day for change. Changing the way you work. Changing the way think about your profession. Changing the way the green industry is perceived. The days of thinking or running your business like your predecessor is exactly that- a thing of the past and its about time to Change.

Today get out our list of goals, limitations, customers, products/services and how we are at a competitive advantage from my last article and its time to change everything.

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( get out your notes and get ready to add a few more)

-Change your goals-

In your list of goals, do you include become a virtual garden center?     Did you list- become an online resource for gardening in mycommunity?

Or was your list more like this.

  1. Be the best garden center in town,USA
  2. Build a newshed
  3. Hired a manager- so I can take more timeoff.

Those are all goals that have there place on a list but in order to find your place in the future maybe follow the list below.

Change your list to something more like this

  1. Create local awareness of myproduct/service
  2. Contribute to my community withoutfail
  3. Become the resource for gardeningknowledge
  4. Build my brand to compete against all that stand in mypath
  5. Change the way I dobusiness

-Change your limitations

If your list contained items like lack of resources, knowledge or skills make sure to scratch those right out. Your list should contain little to nothing by now. You have committed to building a better business and your commitment has all but erased your limitations. When you are committed to change- nothing stands in your way.  Yes-lack of funds, skills or knowledge makes things changeling but thatʼs what makes ustick…

-Change your customer

Today your customer might engage with you at the counter during checkout, in the isle while selecting merchandise or on the phone. Today- change the way customers  interact with your business. Blogging, Social Media, Youtube  and such interaction are  at your finger tips and they reach several customers at the same time. Usetechnology

to the fullest. Iphones make customer communication effortless with mms, email and web capabilities at your finger tips. The future of your customer base use technology every minute of everyday- so should you.

-Change your Product /Service

A pansy will always be a pansy but your own Smartphone App about what pansies you have in stock might not be to far fetched 5 years from today. The moral of the story is change the way you think about your products and services. Jot down what would make you stand out and then get to googling because with a few clicks of the mouse you may just stumble upon the next great thing.

-Change your competitive advantage

Since you can not compete on price( nor should you) develop a program or service that is unique to your business. Make your standards are unobtainable by your competitors and make it your niche. Make your product or service about quality not quantity/price.

Make sure that is has marketability in the future rather than a onehitwonder.     It is very rewarding to have a long lasting product/service that is profitable because in the end, this is about earningprofits.

Change is difficult but it is necessary in our industry to survive. As technology continues to develop and people are all consumed with the chaos of life, changing your businesses mentality is essential to future success.

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