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Entrepreneurs Affair

Love Affair with Plants

I spent three decades in an entrepreneur affair with the green industry. Over those thirty years, I fell in love with plants and I fell out of love with the green industry. It sounds funny when I type it, the industry where I started my career became the industry I disliked the most. Don’t get me wrong, the green industry is a fantastic career path, just not for me.

I started like most, mowing lawns. The green industry has one of the easiest barriers to entry. All you need is a mower with a few tools and you are in business. That is what made it so easy to start a business. That is what also made me fall out of love with it. I realized that scaling a business that had a revolving door of new competition makes it a bad business model. I believe in competition but I believe in competition that is apples to apples, not apples it sunflower seeds.

30 Years Later

I love plants.

I love the texture.

I love the value they add.

I love the visual aspect.


This picture was taken in a concrete parking lot in Rockdale, Texas. Most people wouldn’t even notice these plants. I stopped my truck, jumped out and started snapping pictures. I love the silver foliage of Artemisia and how it mounds in a landscape. The contrast of the flowering Texas Redbud in the background offers a nice contrast in a landscape.

My Love Affair with Plants is a romantic love story that spans 30 years that is a mixture of pure joy and a lot of heartaches. I just know, I love plants, and I just said that. Wonder if they love me back-:)