Chad Everett Harris

Christmas Trees in New Orleans: The Back Story

How did Christmas Trees in New Orleans get started? What started out as a solution for Chad Harris, co-founder of, to never touch a Christmas Tree again, turned into a holiday tradition for many in New Orleans.   Chad was working late, one holiday season, and Beth Harris, his wife, called and told him it was time to come home.  When he arrived home, he was greeted by a massive Christmas tree tied to the roof of their SUV.  His sons, Aiden and Ashton were waiting at the door, begging for him to bring the tree inside.  Chad carried the tree inside, put it in a stand, began stringing lights and hanging the ornaments with Beth.  As everyone fell fast asleep that evening, there was a crash.  Chad thought that someone was breaking in the house. Beth had thought that one of the boys fell out of their bed.  It wasn’t until the two of them stood in the foyer of their home, looking at all the broken ornaments on the floor, that they realize the noise was from the Christmas tree which had fallen over.  In anger, Chad said to Beth, “ I won’t ever touch a Christmas Tree again.” What Beth didn’t realize was in that exact moment, in the foyer of their home, was when the idea was born.  Christmas Trees Delivered.

The 1st 1000 Christmas Trees

Beth & Chad sold 100 trees their first year, then the following it was 300 trees, then 500 trees the next, then 700 trees the following, and on their 5th year, 1000 trees. Then it was like a light bulb going off in his head, although it was the box of lights in his hand that triggered this.  Chad’s idea was to deliver Christmas Trees with lights.  Beth was convinced it couldn’t be done, yet Chad believed it was his greatest single idea ever.  Today, Beth talks about how great the service is and how adding the lights is both challenging and wondering.  Chad just smiles knowing that deep down inside, he was right.   

The Ultimate Christmas Tree Delivery Service

The Christmas tree service was born out of frustration.  At first, some people thought it was foolish, others stated it was expensive, but the few that got it knew that the service was a dream come true, saving hours of tedious light stringing. offers a premium Christmas Tree. Delivered with a leakproof stand, removal bag and tree preservative product to your home or office.  It’s simple, but you have to be on our Christmas Tree list.  

What Type of Christmas Tree does sell?

The weather during the holiday season in New Orleans is typically warm with the average temperature being 68-73 degrees Fahrenheit during November and December.  Because these conditions exist, the best Christmas Tree for this location is the Fraser Fir Christmas tree.  The Fraser Fir was named by botanist John Fraser during his explorations of the Appalachians in the 1700s.  The Fraser Fir is a native southern fir and that is best grown at 5,000 feet of elevation.  The Fraser Fir has excellent needle retention, along with its dark green needles is the ideal Christmas tree in New Orleans.  

How to Get on the Christmas Tree Order List

  1. Sign up for email list
  2. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube
  3. Create an Account at (not a guest account, a registered account)
  4. Make sure all mailing and shipping addresses are correct

Where do I order my Christmas Tree? Christmas trees are sold exclusively online for delivery.  In years past, trees were staged at 2918 Metairie road for customers to select.  Starting in 2015, trees will no longer be staged at 2918 Metairie road. All trees will be staged at shipping and receiving warehouse located at 4304 Firestone, Metairie, LA, on the same road as the UPS Store and Warehouse.  This is just off Central Ave underneath Earhart Expressway.

When can I order my Christmas Tree? does not begin taking orders for Christmas trees until September 20th and the trees are sold on a first come, first served basis.  Christmas trees are only sold online and once the trees are sold out, we are out.

Can I order a Christmas Tree with lights? offers Christmas trees hand strung with lights and delivered.  Each tree is strung with 100 bright white lights per vertical foot.  Example: An 8-foot tree with light will have a minimum of 800 lights. It is important to take into consideration that trees with lights require a power strip surge protector (not included).  The surge protectors make sure the fuses in each set of lights do not blow and short the lights out, on the tree.

Can I pick out my Christmas Tree?  

Many customers have enjoyed selecting their Christmas tree for their home.  We don’t want to take that fun away, but we can select your tree.  If you’d like to select your tree, you may do so by visiting the production warehouse located at 4304 Firestone Rd, Metairie, LA.

Ordering Tree Process

  1. Customer Shops Online at
  2. Selects with lights or without lights
  3. Selects tree size in feet, i.e. 5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15
  4. Selects a delivery date
  5. Completes Online Order Form
  6. Inputs payment information and clicks complete order
  7. Email Notification is sent confirming order

Christmas Tree Delivery Process

  1. Customer is notified 4 days prior to a scheduled delivery date for confirmation
  2. The tree is routed and delivered during the delivery window
  3. The tree is brought into the house and set up
  4. Team Members fill water and add tree preservative

Preparing  Delivery takes all the stress out of find and bring home a Christmas Tree.  We need the following ready for a successful delivery.

  1. Someone Home
  2. Move all Obstacles, Furniture, etc
  3. Provide Surge Protector
  4. Cover Floor with Towels where the tree is going to be located has been delivering Christmas Trees in the New Orleans metropolitan area for 15 years.  They hand-select each tree, prune and shape them for the best results, and bring them to your home for the entire family to enjoy.  Remember, that there is a limited number of Christmas Trees delivered each year, don’t wait.  

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