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The future of industrial scale data centers
Building the Future of Industrial Scale Bitcoin Mining

This Monday morning, a visit to Rockdale revealed the exceptional workmanship put into an otherwise typical chain link fence. It stands as a testament to every individual in its construction team – stretching on and never genuinely ending out of sight! Furthermore, last December marked the completion of 30 megawatts, illustrating that nothing can stand in their way when they strive for excellence. Building the future of industrial-scale bitcoin mining requires innovation to change the future.

As Monday morning dawned in Rockdale, it became evident that the team had achieved something remarkable – a chain link fence of unwavering excellence. Meticulously crafted by their skilled hands, its length seemed never-ending as one barely caught sight of just a glimpse at the far end. Yet, with such craftsmanship in this humble project and having reached 30 megawatts at the close of last year, we can be sure there is much more to come!

As Rockdale welcomed the Monday morning sunrise, it was time to witness what this team had achieved over the last week. Building E remained unvisited until a tour around town unveiled quite an incredible sight – an artisanal chain link fence extended beyond imagination and truly embodied each member of its creators! Its unwavering excellence showed through every nook and cranny as far away from view as one could see. To top off their success story, they concluded 2020 with a 30 megawatt mark that set them up for even greater endeavors down 2021’s path.

Following all to learn more about building Industrial Scale Bitcoin Mining as I document the weekly process.

Mining Bitcoin is a great example of how the mindset of entrepreneurs is pushing the boundaries with technological innovation. Bitcoin mining processes continue to change day to day, and we can expect to see even more staggering developments in the future. It’s worth staying tuned for updates on building industrial scale mining solutions.