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Elegant and decorative stone planters from The Garden Gates are the ultimate in outdoor decoration. Large outdoor planters and cast stone planters of all sizes by Campania International are high quality products and favored by both The Garden Gates’ customers and our landscape architects. Campania International’s expert workmanship and visually stunning designs goes into each stone planter created for long lasting and durable outdoor decoration.

Campania International Berwind Planter
The Berwind Planter is part of the Newport Mansions Collection by Campania International.

The Garden Gates is proud to be a premiere retailer of Campania International’s beautiful products, and we stand behind these large outdoor planters and stone planters of all shapes and sizes. From stone planters as small as 7” high to large outdoor planters and urns 40” tall, The Garden Gates’ selection of stone planters is one to see. Explore over 150 cast stone planters to find the perfect one or set for your outdoor area.

Campania International produces stone planters and large outdoor planters made out of cast stone, which is a material dating back to castle building in the medieval times. Today, cast stone is used in the building of bridges and skyscrapers and is a excellent material for outdoor decoration. Cast stone looks just like cut stone but is much easier to create various shapes and stained for beautiful outdoor decoration.

Stone planters in The Garden Gates’ collection come in shapes for everything from small patios to vast estates and everything in between.  Choose from long rectangular flower boxes, sweet basket weave stone planters, massive square planters and stunning urns perfect for topping stone pedestals. If you are looking to fit a certain motif in outdoor decoration or to transform an old look into something special, these stone planters and large outdoor planters will do just the trick. Incorporating stone planters into your permanent outdoor decoration is functional and attractive way to accessorize an outdoor space.

Try placing stone planters or large outdoor planters along a thick walkway or ledge overlooking a beautiful lawn for a classic way to bring colorful flowers into the backyard. Two topiaries planted in interesting urns on either side of a front door will turn any entrance from dull to grand. With the easy addition of stone planters around the outside of the home, you can elevate the look for year round use. Plant annuals in large outdoor planters for seasonal color in your outdoor decoration or plant perennial shrubs or trees for something to enjoy season after season. Many of the stone planters from Campania International are extremely durable large outdoor planters for outdoor decoration.

Outdoor decoration is an important part to any home. It will increase curb appeal and enhance your own experience when spending time outside. Just as you would try to make the inside of your home comfortable and beautifully decorated, stone planters will add special touches to outdoor areas – create an inviting front entrance or porch, add color to a pool area, allow plants to live on patios or balconies where they otherwise would not grow, and accent outdoor seating and dining areas. The many uses for stone planters in outdoor decoration is realized when you explore The Garden Gates’ large outdoor planters and much more we have to offer. When planning for a specific outdoor space or outdoor decoration, let The Garden Gates’ team of designers and architects assist you in getting the right sizes, shapes and colors to transform your outdoor area into the yard of your dreams.
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