Drone Photography of Whinstone US

Whinstone US is a Bitcoin Mining data center located in Rockdale, Texas. In May 2021, Riot Blockchain acquired Whinstone US and the company began a 400 MW expansion. Chad Everett Harris takes daily drone footage of the site progress. Each day the drone photography of Whinstone US is used to document the process of building […]

Building North America’s Largest Bitcoin Mine- Riot’s Whinstone Data Center

Building North America’s Largest Bitcoin Mining Facility in Rockdale, Texas. Chad Everett Harris, CEO of Whinstone US shares his outlook on building a bitcoin mining business. In this episode I am joined by Chad Harris, CEO of Whinstone Data Centers. Chad leads the team building North Americas single largest Bitcoin mining and hosting data center, […]

The Value of Time

Chad E. Harris, Rockdale Texas

I read an article recently about the importance of learning from our senior citizens. I always enjoyed chatting with my neighbor Clyde Leblanc, who is in his 90’s. He had an interesting perspective on everything and always added value to my thought process. I appreciated the fact that he’d experienced every economic landscape from boom […]

The Hype Is Real, Brett’s BBQ

Brett's Bar-B-Que Rockdale, Texas

On a summer afternoon, 232 days ago, I ended up in Rockdale, Texas in search of a site for a project our team was developing. I notice a sign along the road that read, ” BBQ” and a blue trailer with seating. I continued traveling to Rockdale every Tuesday on the 5am flight and returning […]

The Year of Chad Everett Harris

Chad Everett Harris

2020 will be the Year of Chad Everett Harris. This will be the year that the last 1642 days of work pays off and things get back to my normal chaotic life that I love. This year will be filled with achievement, challenges, and excitement. It will also be a year of living in the […]

A Day Of Running in the Sun

It has been a long time coming but today, today was an amazing day. My day started out at 1:30 am with the arrival of my youngest son and dogs. I have been waiting for my son to arrive for a few weeks but there were things taking place in Louisiana that did not allow […]

I Do Miss New Orleans

It’s been three months since Chad Everett Harris left New Orleans. Yep, that’s me, Chad E. Harris. I tend to write in the third person sometimes. It is confusing but it is also better for story telling. I moved to New Orleans on 1986. I built a business, raised children, and spent several years enjoying […]

A Rockdale Christmas

Chad Everett Harris New Orleans

What happens when three men get left to their own demise in the middle of nowhere? Well, they make their version of ” Prestige World Wide” from Step Brothers. The video didn’t start out as a planned event. It started out with the video of Lyle and the bobcat, I couldn’t pass it up to […]