Chad Everett Harris

Chad Everett Harris

Chad Everett Harris Talks About How Entrepreneurs Help a Country’s Economy

Entrepreneurs are some of the most important people in our society. However, it never occurs to many people just how important entrepreneurs are.

Chad Everett Harris Explains What Characteristics Great Entrepreneurs Possess

Being an entrepreneur is one of the most challenging and grueling things you could ever do. It requires special characteristics that only a few people possess.

Chad Everett Harris Discusses Businesses That Rely on Marketing

Businesses do not survive in isolation. Chad Everett Harris, a long-time entrepreneur based in Rockdale, Texas, understands why prioritizing marketing efforts is essential to generating revenue.

Chad Everett Harris Extends Academic Scholarship Campaign

Geared towards students pursuing business degrees, the Chad Everett Harris Scholarship has officially launched. The scholarship ...

IdeaMensch Interview

While I always knew from a very young age that I was destined to become an entrepreneur, it took me a little more time to find my niche in terms of exactly what industry I wanted to work in. Sure enough, it was the green industry ...

Chad On Business Mentorship and Scholarship Launch

A childhood spent constantly on the move, which included stops in Michigan, Atlanta, and New Orleans, fostered an entrepreneurial spirit ...

The Garden Gates Announces New Retail Location

After closing The Garden Gates' 15-year retail space on Metairie Road, Chad and Beth Harris, owners and founders of The Garden Gates and ...

Goals For Motivating and Inspiring Those Around You

Before I was even a teenager, I knew deep down that I was destined to be an entrepreneur. It was only a matter of time before I had a landscaping ...

The Value of Time

I read an article recently about the importance of learning from our senior citizens. I always enjoyed chatting with my neighbor Clyde Leblanc, who is in his 90’s. He had an interesting perspective on ...

The Hype is Real: Bretts BBQ

On a summer afternoon, 232 days ago, I ended up in Rockdale, Texas in search of a site for a project our team was developing. I notice a ...


I spend a lot of time thinking, some people call it working, I call it opportunity. Each day I set off on a mission to take my most valuable asset and put it to work, my time.

My Farm to Table Experiment

Since the age of 10, I have been curious about gardening and how to growth things. I lived on an island outside of Detroit called Grosse Isle.

The Year of Chad Everett Harris

This will be the year that the last 1642 days of work pays off and things get back to my normal chaotic life that I love. This year will be ...

A Day of Running in the Sun

It has been a long time coming but today, today was an amazing day. My day started out at 1:30 am with the arrival of my youngest son and dogs.

Toilet Paper Rolls

Marketing comes in all types of mediums. Today, I was at one of the mobile phone providers getting a new phone and during the lengthy process, I used the restroom.

I Do Miss New Orleans

It’s been three months since Chad Everett Harris left New Orleans. Yep, that’s me, Chad E. Harris. I tend to write in the third person sometimes. It is confusing but it is also better ...

3 Bald Guys Walk Into A Bar

What a night or evening or late afternoon. All I can say is that I have not laugh so hard in like a minute. Our workday was basically the ...

A Rockdale Christmas

What happens when three men get left to their own demise in the middle of nowhere? Well, they make their version of ” Prestige World Wide” from Step Brothers. The video ...