Garden Accents

If there’s anything The Garden Gates understands it’s how to accentuate a garden. Garden accents are a fun, creative way to spruce up your outdoor space whether it be your backyard, patio, garden, or foyer. Designers and Landscapers will tell you that adding an accent takes some planning. You must choose color coordination, placement, and size. The Garden Gates offers a variety of pieces from Campania International and Kansas City Statuary that showcase various styles and colors so that you can highlight the best parts of your outdoor area. Campania International supplies a variety of color washes for your cast-stone garden accent such as Aged Limestone, Alpine Stone, Brownstone, Copper Bronze, English Moss, Ferro Rustico, Greystone, Pietra Vecchia, Terra Nera, Travertine, Natural, and Verde. Kansas City Statuary offers a separate variety of color finishes such as Rustic Midori, Sepia, River Stone, Rustic Amber, Slate, Weathered Copper, White Wash, Sunset, Vintage, Aztec Jade, Copper, Age, Ancient Verde, Earth, Moss, Natural, English Terracotta, and Khaki Ash.

Garden accents can mean a variety of different things. It may be a wall plaque, a finial or obelisk for set up on a pedestal or on your gate posts, pot risers for your planters, or stepping stones to liven up the walking area in your backyard or garden. The fun part about working with garden accents is you can mix and match them to create your own living style within your outdoor space and make the area really come to life.

Wall plaques from Campania International can be the best way to fill up empty space on the exteriors of your porch or patio. These pieces from the Garden Gates are made of cast-stone, making them durable and sturdy for outside use. The designs of these plaques vary as they can feature cherubs, lions, floral patterns, fleur de lis, or elaborate filigree scrollwork. The Cartouche plaque and the Williamsburg Cherub plaque are unique in that they can be placed perfectly above a door frame for an inviting accent overhead while the Twin Angel plaque and the Square Eden plaque tend to make great space fillers with fine details and decorative lifework.

If you are already using planter pots from the Garden Gates, then the next step is to turn them up a notch. Pot risers can add extra emphasis to your plant displays by elevating them and building on the design of the pot itself. These risers are also made of cast-stone to match the quality and structure of the pots themselves and will endure the outdoor elements while serving their decorative purpose. An added bonus to using pot risers is their ability to keep your planter pots equally balanced off the ground during wintertime, allowing for air to circulate and prevent freezing and damage to the plant.

Gardens, foyers, and your surrounding gates can always use an extra bit of punching up. One of the best examples of garden accents comes in the form of a finial or an obelisk. These pieces are strictly for aesthetic purposes, serving as centerpieces and toppers for various points on your property. The variety of color washes available for finials allows you to perfectly match it with the style and color of your fountain, dining table, outdoor bench, gate post, or garden pedestal. Finials make a grandiose statement on top of fence posts as guests walk through the entranceways. Or, consider placing one on top of a matching pedestal in your foyer or garden; its elevated position will be a powerful marker that will draw attention during a birthday party or outside brunch. The finials from the Garden Gate come in a variety of designs such as pineapples, spherical, pillar, or pyramid shaped.

Stepping stones make the last group of garden accents offered from the Garden Gates. Although they are leveled with the ground, you may think they aren’t as provocative as other accents like finials; however, their interesting shapes and styles can draw a guests immediate attention to the fundamental areas of your outdoor space. Stepping stones are also made from cast-stone so that they can be distinguished more easily and so that they can withstand being exposed to the natural ground day in and day out for years. The best part about stepping stones is that they can be artistic or playful depending on your personal preference. The flip flop stepping stones offer a bit of silly fun while the Nandina stepping stone features a beautifully detailed depiction of Eastern Asian bamboo trees.