Chad Everett Harris

Chad Everett Harris
FlashBack – Blogging From 2012

In 2014, all the rage in the search engine optimization world was short blogs that linked out to other sites to provide a snapshot for readers to follow. The idea was to make your site/blog a resource for expert information. Looking back all I can say, ” What were we thinking.”

Below is the explanation of a week’s worth of blogs you would post each day and then have a follow-up blog on Sunday that revisited each. ” I remember when I met Jason Dowdell for SEO Tool and he told me to stop spamming the internet with blogs. ”

Take a look below and follow the logic to see if you can formulate the same idea as Jason or if you think it has some value. My opinion, that it provides the right value to the right person.

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Monday: Fountains

Large and outdoor garden fountains from Campania International have a special place outside. Decorating with cast stone garden fountains adds a special ambiance to an outdoor space, from private courtyards to formal gardens and beyond. Campania makes outdoor garden fountains in all sizes as well as many styles and designs for your outdoor decor. Better Homes & Gardens offers a beautiful slideshow of how to incorporate garden fountains into different outdoor areas.


Tuesday: Garden Planters

Garden planters are some of the most versatile pieces of outdoor decor to own. They can be moved around and replanted as the seasons and your outdoor needs change. Add a pair of urns planted with topiaries on either side of a front door for an instant facelift. Try adding a number of cast stone planters to a deck or patio for an easy way to add color and greenery if garden space is limited or not available. Garden planters and urns from Campania International come in so many sizes and styles, it’s easy to update your outdoor decor or to create an entire new look. Follow HGTV’s guide to planting a container garden.



Wednesday: Statues

Statues are a great way to add something artistic and special to your outdoor decor. Garden statuary tucked away in a garden or amongst plants adds a unique look and point of interest. Campania International makes hundreds of statues. From religious figures to pets to rustic art and gnomes, cast stone statues are a beautiful and durable way to decorate the outdoors.

Stacey Pierson from Campania International wrote the perfect guide to selecting the right garden statue for your outdoor space on



Thursday: Garden Benches

Cast stone garden benches are a classic addition to outdoor spaces. From public places to private garden seating, garden benches are a functional way to add to your outdoor decor. Campania International makes garden benches using cast stone, which is an incredibly durable as well as beautiful building material. Cast stone has been used for centuries, so it’s no wonder Campania’s garden benches will last. Choose from traditional benches for an English garden, whimsical garden benches for a fun space or sleek modern cast stone benches to channel inner peace in your outdoor space. Check out Martha Stewart’s ideas for creative outdoor spaces.



Friday: Birdbaths

Bird baths are a natural way to attract wild birds to your backyard or outdoor space. Invite the beautiful and natural sounds and sights of birds to enjoy each day. Cast stone bird baths from Campania International are made of extremely durable material and will age naturally over time, adding a beautiful look to your garden, patio or other outdoor space. Campania makes a number of birdbaths in different styles, from simple, zen-like bird baths to traditional American styles. Campania also makes whimsical designs of stone bird baths for that special place in the garden.

Bird baths offer a number of benefits, and Jim Sinclair promotes these benefits of birdbaths for Yahoo Voices.



Saturday: Commentary – Where to Begin When Decorating an Outdoor Area

Adding pieces to your outdoor decor can be somewhat intimidating at first. If you’ve got a blank canvas, where do you start? If you have some pieces already, it’s important to match or at least complement what’s there. Outdoor decor is a fun element that can be added to at your own leisure or as you find the best pieces for your space.

First, look at any outdoor decor you already own and want to keep or incorporate into the look. Also, notice the color and style of flag stones, pavers or any other stone work around the area. If you have a stone or paved patio, walkway or driveway, what color and style are these elements?

How large is the area you are working with? Is it a sprawling lawn suitable for a massive fountain or hidden nook in the corner of the garden, perfect for a statue to take up residence? Outdoor living areas such as patios, decks and porches are the best places for cast stone planters and urns. Areas around a pool also look nice with container gardens. Measure how far apart you want the planters to be and how many will work in the space. Don’t create a wall of planters; just add a few here and there for some nice color or greenery.

What types of plants do you plan on planting in your cast stone planters or urns? Do you want to swap them out seasonally or put small trees or topiaries in them for year round? This will help determine the size of planters as well as the outdoor space.

Are there any places out in the garden or path that would benefit from a stone garden bench? We tend to focus on outdoor living areas for entertaining and relaxing, but finding a special place to sit and think or read can be nice as well. Garden benches are often nice accents to both front and back yards.


Sunday: Recap

Campania International produces the best in cast stone outdoor decor for the garden and outdoor spaces around the home. Each cast stone piece from Campania International can be dyed or stained for a custom look in any of the multiple finishes they offer. From mossy, classic colors to earthy, rustic patinas, Campania is the leader in everything cast stone.

  • Cast Stone Products:
  • Garden Fountains
  • Garden Planters and Urns
  • Statues
  • Garden Benches
  • Birdbaths

The addition of outdoor decor such as garden fountains, planters, and urns, statues, garden benches, birdbaths or any combination of these will immediately enhance the look of your outdoor space. Create anything from mysterious secret gardens to Eastern inspired spaces for inner peace and everything in between. Campania International offers such a variety of versatile, beautiful and practical pieces that there is something for each space. Decorate decks, courtyards, entranceways, patios, yards, balconies and more with these inspiring collections of cast stone wonders. Make your outdoor decor as unique as you are with a custom combination of urns, statues and more to create the backyard of your dreams.