Cast Stone Fountain

Chad Harris, The Garden Gates is an expert in cast stone fountains. Fountains are a time-honored outdoor decorative piece that have been enjoyed as far back as 2000 BC. Channeling water streams to create a visual artistry has evolved in its current form to showcase a number of different styles and expressions. Many homes, estates, and businesses utilize the garden fountain as the centerpiece to a dazzling outdoor display. The Garden Gates offers a variety of styles and sizes in outdoor fountains to fit any property. These fountains are designed by both Campania International and Kansas City Statuary with a keen eye for detail and functionality. Campania fountains typically come in a selection of color options such as Aged Limestone, Alpine Stone, Brownstone, Natural, Copper Bronze, English Moss, Ferro Rustico, Greystone, Pietra Vecchia, Terra Nera, Travertine, and Verde. Kansas City Statuary, on the other hand, come in a slightly larger selection of colors such as Rustic Midori, Sepai, River Stone, Rustic Amber, Age, Copper, Ancient Verde, Earth, Moss, Natural, English Terracotta, and Khaki Ash.

Setting up a fountain on your deck or patio can be a great way to add a little expression to your immediate outdoor area. Many people choose to use their patio for rest and relaxation and the gentle stream of flowing water from a smaller fountain can help to maintain this type of mood. The Carrera Oval fountain, the Jensen fountain, or even the Tuscan Vineyard Fountain are perfect examples as they are smaller in size with a smaller engine pump to generate a more calming water flow that won’t be too distracting for you and other guests.

Carrera Oval fountain
Chad Harris Garden Fountain Expert

When you’re decorating your patio area, roof terrace, or conservatory, an adorning wall fountain can add a sense of completion and comfort. Hanging outdoor wall fountains from The Garden Gates are made from durable, lightweight fiberglass for easy set-up and feature a variety of designs such as lions, angels, foliated line work, and more. These pieces are particularly easy to install with a simple wall anchor which you can load into concrete, plaster, brick, wood, or even sheetrock.

Stand alone water fountains work best for those looking to punch up a garden area or a backyard. These pieces are larger than the patio fountains, but not as exuberant as an estate fountain. For those with a more jovial personality, the Zen Plinth fountain or the Zen Frogs Meditation fountain make a fun statement. Others with a more traditional preference may look to the Longvue fountain, Borghese, or even the San Remo Pigna Fountain with its Art Deco pineapple finial. In many cases, these types of fountains will contain one to two tiers and/or a larger pool basin below which creates a more grounded effect, drawing the eyes downward to the garden plants arranged around it.

Larger estates require a more prominent centerpiece to compliment it’s sprawling property. The Garden Gates also offers a selection of larger 4-tier fountains, weighing up to 3800 lbs. These particular pieces typically feature multiple tiers with larger, encompassing pools at their base. The large Horse fountain is one of our most luxurious pieces with elaborate horse sculptures and heavy scrolling contours, while other more subtle estate fountains such as the Caterina fountain or the Chaumont fountain let their smooth surfaces and bold centerpieces speak for themselves.

Water features can be a fantastic addition to your garden area. They aren’t fountains but they rather use water as part of their functionality. Many of these pieces are sculpted in bronze in the shape of elegant water fowl such as geese, swans, or ducks, and in some cases amphibians such as frogs. These whimsical accents in your garden usually make a great accessory to your garden fountain. You can easily set them up to circulate water from the fountain and have it spurt from their mouths. Guests, and especially children, will enjoy this playful feature in your outdoor area.

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