Cast Stone Dog Statues

A garden statue is a perfunctory accent that can be placed anywhere in your outdoor living area. Picking out the proper piece to match with your garden setting doesn’t have to be a challenging task. Not only does the Garden Gates provide a wide selection of garden accents, but we are also comprised of a helpful crew that will advise you on designing your layout, picking out the right colors and styles of decor to perfectly coordinate with your outdoor space.

Maybe you’re adventurous. Maybe you want to have more of a hand in designing your own backyard or garden. In that case, we are willing to provide you with a number of options that may make fantastic additions to your layout. From there you will be able to hand select which statues and furniture match your personality the best. The Garden Gates works with national artisan companies to offer a wide variety of garden statues in a variety of styles and sizes for your enjoyment. Companies like Campania International and Kansas City Statuary create both luxurious and rustic styled statues with a mix of subtle and finely detailed features. Garden statues from Campania International come in your choice of twelve color was

hes including Aged Limestone, Alpine Stone, Brownstone, Natural, Copper Bronze, English Moss, Ferro Rustico, Greystone, Pietra Vecchia, Terra Nera, Travertine, and Verde while Kansas City Statuary offers a completely different variety of colors. You can choose one of eighteen color options with Kansas City Statuary, including Rustic Midori, Sepia, River Stone, Rustic Amber, Slate, Weathered Copper, White Wash, Sunset, Vintage, Azetc Jade, Copper, Age, Ancient Verde, Earth, Moss, Natural, English Terracotta, and Khaki Ash.

Some of the appeal of placing statues in your garden as an accent is getting to pick out the type of sculpture that will coincide with your personal tastes and style. Animal statues have a huge following for garden enthusiasts because they are so versatile in their make-up. You can choose one that is playful or sad; cartoonish or finely detailed to look realistic. The statues provided by the Garden Gates are all made from cast-stone, making them much more durable than concrete materials used by other retailers. This material allows the artists to more skillfully cast detailed pieces that are durable against the harsh elements of outdoor weather all year round. With the selection of color options provided, each one will not only match the decor you pick out for your patio or backyard, but is designed to age gracefully over the course of a lifetime. As rain, snow, and other natural elements subtly wear down the color finish on your animal garden statue, it will develop a unique look that will one-of-a-kind and cannot be replicated anywhere else in the market. This workmanship has major appeal to homeowners who take their exterior design seriously. Building up a garden, patio, or backyard layout can be a fun, entertaining task, and the finished product can be almost masterful when the right accents are used. An animal garden statue is usually known to add that perfect finishing touch.