Cold Drip Coffee

I am a coffee fanatic but it has to be cold and it has to be strong. The days of heading to the local Starbucks to grab some coffee are over. I find that Starbucks and other chain brands offer watered down coffee. I can’t believe they are able to sell it at scale. The day I started dripping my own cold brew I was shocked but the flavor profile of the different roasted beans.

Ok, on to the story. Last week the team from Lancium, was visiting a project I am working on in Rockdale, Texas. Ray walked in with a few pounds of coffee from a company called BoomTown Coffee out of Houston. He remembered during our last meeting, I was talking about not being able to get a good cup of coffee in Rockdale. I was a little skeptical at first until I tried it. It was amazing, I mean stupid good.

Chad Everett Harris, Boomtown Coffee

Check back to see what the next adventure is on the list.

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