Ribeye’s & Tow Straps

Today started with a few hours working on our Raptor Adventure Course in Rockdale, Texas in the bobcat. Taking the time to connect all the hills and jumps take a bit of organization. The real issue, as you can see in the picture below, building a new course requires you to remember where the course actually goes. I was flying around a corner and forgot to turn right. This ended up putting me into the sand mound with 7 foot drop off on the other side. I decided to make the save rather than flip the truck over.

Chad Everett Harris

After my morning of digging and getting stuck, it was time for lunch. In Rockdale, there is a limit on the places to grab lunch during the week but come Thursday to Sunday, the best meal comes from Brett’s BBQ. I have come to learn to follow his Instagram post for the weeks specials, and today was a whooper. Brett’s had a Smoked Ribeye that was amazing. I have never had anything like it. I was chatting with Brett and he explained that he cold smoked the ribeye then seared it on the grill at 600 degrees.

Brett’s BBQ Smoked Ribeye https://www.brettsbackyardbarbque.com
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