Ride Along

Taking a Ride Along with Chad E. Harris is like being in a car chase. When I think of Ride Along, I think of one of those 1990’s movies of the good cop/bad cop. Not sure why, maybe there is a movie title with the same name. In my version of a ride along, not many people are willing to jump in the passenger seat. I have had several people jump of the the truck, I had one grown man cry like a baby- and I wasn’t even going that fast.

Chad Everett Harris, New Orleans

See, I recognize that I have a problem. I am not afraid of many things and driving fast off road is something that I feel very comfortable doing. I do have a all or nothing attitude which does not always help in these situations.

I spend a lot of time working and currently I am working in a small town. I have loved the experience so far, and I have become use to the small town leaving New Orleans. I will admit it was a bit of a culture shock at first but as the weeks have gone by, I have enjoyed meeting new people, and I tend to keep myself busy.

As my Ford Raptor Adventures continue, I will keep making my ride along videos and uploading them for other to enjoy. While I am not Ken Block, I am own Crazy Chad Everett Harris.

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Chad Everett Harris is an entrepreneur to the core. Over the last 38 years, he has been involved in construction, retail, ecommerce, marketing, and cryptocurrency. This combination of industries provides him with a unique approach to business development.

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