New Orleans Care Package

I left New Orleans 4 weeks ago with 3 pairs of pants, 3 shirts and a laptop to move to Rockdale, Texas to work on a project building the largest high speed data center in the world. I have enjoyed the adventure and the people of Rockdale have made my experience incredible. I did give up a lot of my normal daily life. My wonderful dog, Shadow had to stay behind and then there is a lot of alone time here. My Whinstone Squad sent me care package on my 50th birthday and than meant a lot. Love New Orleans but I Love Rockdale Just As Much.

I made this video as to show everyone back in New Orleans that I truly appreciated the effort they took to make my birthday special. One of the things I have enjoyed so much about relocating from New Orleans to Rockdale is I have a lot of time to make videos. I am not great but like anything, practice improves skills.

I hope you enjoy-

The Texas Chad

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Published by Chad Everett

Chad Everett Harris is an entrepreneur to the core. Over the last 38 years, he has been involved in construction, retail, ecommerce, marketing, and cryptocurrency. This combination of industries provides him with a unique approach to business development.

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