4 Legged Furry Friends

Chad Everett Harris’ Office Mates on Firestone hard at work

Our four legged friends make The Garden Gates a little more exciting everyday. Let me introduce our friends.

Cecil – The Rhodesian Ridgeback is my oldest son’s Aiden Everett Harris‘ dog that was his college buddy and now is Shadow’s fulltime playmate.

Shadow- American Staffordshire Terrier is our rescue that Ashton Kendall Harris found one evening in our neighborhood running along Short street just a block away from our home on Plum Street.

George- King George. He is a King Charles Cavalier that is my wife, Beth Kendall Harris office dogs baby ( that is a mouth full).

Our dogs are pretty special, but everyone say that too.

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Chad Everett Harris is an entrepreneur to the core. Over the last 38 years, he has been involved in construction, retail, ecommerce, marketing, and cryptocurrency. This combination of industries provides him with a unique approach to business development.

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